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Commercial Electrical Infrared Inspections Rochester NY

Goforth Electric is proud to deliver state-of-the-art infrared electrical inspections in Rochester, NY, backed by decades of industry-leading experience. Our certified electricians, proficient in both commercial and industrial electrical systems, utilize advanced thermographic technology to detect issues before they escalate.

Infrared inspections are not just advantageous for identifying necessary repairs; they’re crucial for preemptive maintenance, helping to pinpoint potential problems early on. At Goforth Electric, we’re dedicated to identifying and resolving minor issues before they develop into significant concerns.

Infrared Thermographic Inspections Rochester NY

Protect your business with Goforth Electric’s comprehensive infrared inspection services. Our reports provide a detailed overview of your electrical system’s condition, identifying any errors or areas of concern early on. These reports are designed for clarity, highlighting the significance, probable cause, and urgency of each issue without disrupting your day-to-day operations, allowing you to address potential problems proactively.

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The Infrared Inspection Process

Our thorough inspection process covers your entire electrical system with thermal imaging technology, meticulously documenting every component. We then compile a detailed report, discussing each area of concern with you to ensure a clear understanding and plan for any necessary repairs, all while maintaining your operational continuity.

Goforth Electric using the latest technology on the jobsite

Items Inspected

Our inspections encompass a wide range of critical components, ensuring the safety of your employees and infrastructure. We meticulously examine areas often overlooked in standard inspections, such as motor control centers, bus connections, power transformers, and circuit breaker panels, utilizing infrared technology to uncover hidden issues.

Issues Resolved

Infrared inspections can address and preempt a variety of electrical problems, from loose connections and contact wear to phase imbalances and beyond. Early detection and resolution can prevent significant damage and downtime, safeguarding your business’s productivity.

Why Goforth Electric?

Choosing Goforth Electric means selecting a partner committed to your business’s safety and efficiency. Our team’s expertise, combined with advanced infrared inspection technology, ensures your electrical systems are thoroughly evaluated and maintained.

Infrared Electrical Inspection FAQ

How Often Should Infrared Electrical Testing Be Done?

We recommend annual infrared electrical testing to maintain optimal safety and efficiency. Certain industries may require more frequent inspections to comply with regulations or insurance requirements.

What Is an Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems?

Infrared inspections, or thermographic surveys, offer a cost-effective method to examine your electrical system visually and thermally. This approach allows you to pinpoint current issues, anticipate future concerns, and outline essential electrical maintenance tasks.

Ready for a Comprehensive Electrical Inspection?

Contact Goforth Electric today for your commercial electrical infrared inspection needs in Rochester, NY. Ensure your business’s electrical system is safe, reliable, and efficiently powering your operations. Our emergency services are also available 24/7, providing peace of mind around the clock.

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