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Goforth: Top Commercial Electrical Contractor

At Goforth, we pride ourselves in being more than just electricians. We are pioneers in the electrical contracting industry, specializing in commercial industrial services as well as cutting-edge EV wiring.

We are proud to offer our services to the Rochester area, investing into new technology and equipping our foremen with devices for more agility in real-time. From drawing markups on-site and providing efficient project management solutions with team-wide communication, our adaptability to the changing world has set us apart from other commercial electrical contractors.

We ensure your project never loses momentum, and everything gets done on-time and on-budget. With Goforth, you aren’t just hiring another commercial electrical contractor, but a partner dedicated to delivering exceptional electrical solutions with an employee-focused ethos that shines through every project.

Electrical Business Solutions That Make Your Facilities Better

When it comes to your commercial facility, electrical systems are its lifeline.

At Goforth, we understand this better than anyone, providing you with comprehensive electrical services that are designed to elevate your facility’s efficiency and safety.

From intricate wiring for EV charging stations, to robust power systems for industrial plants, we cater to a diverse clientele.

Our solutions are not just about fixing problems; they are about enhancing your facility’s functionality, and future-proofing your electrical infrastructure.

Trust Goforth to elevate your facility to the latest technology in electrical excellence. At Goforth, every job is a step towards a more efficient, secure, and technologically secure future.

Expertise and Experience You Can Count On

With a diverse history of complex electrical projects, mixed with the agility and open-mindedness towards the future of electrical work, the team at Goforth stands at the forefront of electrical innovation.

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who all bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every project.

From government agencies to bustling commercial hubs, we’ve illuminated countless spaces with our skill and dedication. The Goforth team does not just meet standards, but sets them, with a commitment to excellence that is evident in meticulous planning, execution, and design in every project.

When you choose Goforth, you can rest assured knowing your electrical needs are in capable hands.

Proactive Maintenance

With any electrical system, preventative measures are the key to longevity and efficiency. At Goforth, we specialize in providing proactive maintenance solutions that keep your systems running smoothly and reduce the risk of unexpected failures with fail-safes and redundancies in place to ensure a secure system.

We provide a thorough approach, and instead of fixing problems after they surface, we provide proactive maintenance, anticipating and preventing problems in the first place.

Regular inspections, timely upgrades, and immediate repairs are all a part of our commitment to ensuring your electrical systems are always running at their best.

This proactive guarantee of excellence not only saves your company time and money, but also ensures that your facilities are safe, compliant, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Design Build

With any electrical contracting, it’s important to ensure there are design-build services as a part of your project. As a cornerstone of Goforth’s offering, our team collaborates closely with your architects, engineers, and builders during the design-build phase.

This integrated approach ensures your electrical systems are designed into your project from the outset, optimized for efficiency and compliance with the latest industry standards.

The team at Goforth helps bring your vision to life with prevision and creativity, ensuring that every circuit, panel, and wiring harness contributes to a functional and future-proofed system. You can trust Goforth to work with your team and turn blueprints into electrical masterpieces.


At the backbone of many successful commercial and industrial projects, Goforth has been a reliable and experienced contractor directing the project and providing a strategic eye at every construction site. We ensure that all electrical systems in the construction environment are robust, scalable, and perfectly integrated for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Goforth excels in managing the complexities of new builds and renovations alike, delivering high-quality electrical installations that stand the test of time.

Our team works diligently to meet your deadlines and budgetary requirements, while maintaining the highest safety standards on the job site. With Goforth, every construction project is powered by excellence, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


We understand that timely repairs are critical for your business. Our experienced electricians are skilled at diagnosing and resolving a wide range of electrical issues.

From minor circuit disruptions to major power system overhauls, we can handle repairs with unmatched precision and speed in the Rochester area. Our proactive approach minimizes your business’ downtime, ensuring you can get back to operating normally as soon as possible.

During repair work, we use only the highest quality materials and latest techniques, guaranteeing lasting solutions. Whether it’s a routine fix or a complex repair, you can trust Goforth for reliable and high-quality electrical repair services.

Emergency Power

In the fast-paced world of Rochester, uninterrupted power is not just a convenience, but a necessity. At Goforth, we provide emergency power solutions to keep your business running during unexpected power outages and heavy storms alike.

Our expertise includes installation and maintenance of generations, UPS systems, and other types of backup power sources. Whether you need repair or inspection for these services, or a design and build to keep your business up to code, we can help you.

At Goforth, we ensure that your emergency power systems are always in peak condition, ready to kick in the moment they’re needed, so you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected against power disruptions.

Trust Goforth for Your Electrical Solutions 

As your partner in innovative and reliable electrical solutions, we pride ourselves in delivering quality work and superior customer satisfaction. Throughout our years in business, we have continuously strove to exceed expectations and maintain our leadership in innovative technology.

By trusting Goforth with your electrical solutions, you gain a partner who understands the importance of your electrical systems and will work tirelessly to ensure we support and enhance your business objectives. We’ll be there to illuminate your path, keep your businesses’ lights on, and provide solutions that are as efficient as they are effective.

Electrical Capabilities & Systems Installed

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of services and systems tailored to meet the needs of commercial and industrial clientele. From advanced EV charging station installation, to state-of-the-art lighting systems and robust power distribution networks, we ensure the seamless integration of every system into your existing infrastructure to enhance efficiency and functionality.

Goforth Electric installing a Breaker Box

Commercial and Industrial is Our Expertise

At Goforth, commercial and industrial electrical contracting is a part of our expertise. We specialize in delivering bespoke electrical solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

With a deep level of technical expertise and experience, our team can manage large-scale projects from complex wiring in high-rise buildings to comprehensive electrical systems in manufacturing p[lants.

Our approach is always tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that every project enhances your operational safety and efficiency. We work directly with your team to ensure every need is met.

Commercial Electrical Contractor FAQ

What is the Role of a Commercial Electrician?

At Goforth, our commercial electricians are the cornerstone of our service offerings, bringing expertise and dedication to every project. Their expertise spans a broad range of services, including system layout, conduit installation, wiring, and compliance work.

Adept at handling the complex needs of commercial electrical systems, our team ensures that your power systems are safe, efficient, and reliable. You can trust us for designing, installing, and maintaining your electrical systems throughout any commercial property.

What Are Types of Electrical Maintenance?

There are a wide range of commercial electrical maintenance services possible. At Goforth, we offer comprehensive maintenance services that include preventative and predictive maintenance for correcting mistakes and proactively working on repairs.

While preventative maintenance involves regular inspections and servicing to prevent issues in the future, predictive maintenance uses advanced tools to foresee potential failures and shore up points of weakness in the electrical system.

We also specialize in thermal imaging and system testing to ensure optimal performance at every step of the way, even if key areas are hidden underneath walls, all without invasive technology. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your electrical systems running at their best possible performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

We’re More Than Just an Electrical Contractor

At Goforth, we pride ourselves on being more than just an electrical contractor; we’re a dedicated partner in your business’s success. Our approach goes beyond providing electrical services, but understanding your unique business needs and delivering solutions that drive value and efficiency.

Our commitment to innovation in electrical engineering sets us apart, as does our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Goforth is the trusted name in the industry; when you choose us, you are choosing a team that is dedicated to powering your success with unparalleled electrical expertise and service.

Give us a call today and tell us how we can help your business excel. We’re happy to work with you no matter what kind of commercial electrical work you need.

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